Why do online shops be designed barrier-free in the future?

To implement the European Accessibility Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/882 on accessibility requirements for products and services), the German Bundestag passed the Barrierefreiheitsstärkungsgesetz (BFSG).

This law obliges operators of online shops to offer and provide products and services in such a way that they can be found, accessed and used by people with disabilities without assistance and without particular difficulty. This means that not only the product or service must be accessible, but also access to the necessary information.

What measures must online shop operators take?

Online shop operators must ensure that their websites are designed to be accessible. Essentially, the following points are important:

  • the information must be presented in such a way that it can be perceived by all users;
  • all functions must be usable without a mouse;
  • the content must be easy to understand;
  • in addition, assistive technology such as speech recognition software or Braille readers should be able to recognise and convey the content.


For online shop operators, this means that they will have to review their entire website and adapt it to the new legal requirements.

Are there any exemptions for micro-enterprises?

Only micro-enterprises with fewer than ten employees and an annual turnover of less than € 2 million, or with an annual balance sheet total of less than € 2 million, and which only provide services, are exempt. All online shops that sell products are obliged to implement the requirements of the Accessibility Act.

When do online shops have to adapt?

The law comes into force on 19.06.2025. By this date, all online shops must implement the requirements of the Accessibility Act.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Compliance with the requirements of the Accessibility Act will be monitored by the market surveillance authorities. Fines of up to €100,000 can be imposed for non-compliance.

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