Representation in administrative offence proceedings

For many truck drivers and transport companies, administrative offences in road traffic mean trouble with the police or the Federal Office for Goods Transport (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr, BAG) and often have considerable financial consequences. The law firm GRAU Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB represents and advises transport companies in administrative offence proceedings. In our experience, a large number of penalty notices are incorrect and penalty proceedings are wrongly initiated or high recovery amounts are assessed against transport companies on the basis of estimates. In many cases, our law firm has been able to obtain a complete cancellation of the fine proceedings or a significant reduction in the amount of the fine.

Typical offences are the failure to carry all prescribed documents, the improper use of electronic tachographs, the failure to comply with driving and rest periods, the failure to comply with the permissible dimensions, axle loads and total weights (overloading) as well as insufficient load securing, the improper technical condition of trucks and trailers as well as vehicle combinations, the failure to comply with the ban on driving on Sundays and public holidays. Furthermore, violations of the right of residence, work permit law, social security law and non-compliance with cabotage regulations are punishable by fines and penalties.

If you have received a penalty notice or a confiscation notice, we can check in individual cases whether an appeal is worthwhile.

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