Check if you are entitled to a refund of a part of the maut toll

We would like to invite you to read an interview by Ms. Adriana Grau for the “Transport and Forwarding” magazine on the reimbursement of overpaid tolls for transport journeys through Germany, the so-called – MAUT.

An application for reimbursement of incorrectly charged tolls must be submitted to the Federal Office for Goods Transport stating the specific amounts to be reimbursed, which are calculated on the basis of the Federal Roads Act passed by the Bundestag.

The calculation of the overpayment itself can be cumbersome, as it is a complex process, as a number of factors have to be taken into account, which influenced the amount of the MAUT in the process of its establishment. The application itself contains several pages with calculations and additionally as annexes tables (from Excel) of overpaid amounts, therefore we recommend you to seek specialist help in order to correctly calculate the due amount.

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