Polish hauliers fight for maut refund

We would like to invite you to read an interview given by Ms Adriana Grau to the national economic and legal newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”. The interview discusses the topic of the Polish hauliers’ struggle for the reimbursement of a part of the tolls paid for the use of German motorways. The basis for the claims is a judgment of the EU Court of Justice of 28 October 2020, in which it was found that including the costs of maintaining traffic police in tolls violates the EU law.

It is worth emphasising that the amount of overcharges, depending on the number of kilometres driven and the weight of the vehicle, may amount up to 150 thousand EUR ! The calculation of tolls should be made on the basis of the Federal Roads Act passed by the Bundestag.

Read the entire interview at: https://www.rp.pl/prawo-w-firmie/art384251-polscy-przewoznicy-walcza-o-zwrot-oplat-za-niemieckie-autostrady

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