Posting of workers

In recent years, we can observe a labour shortage in Germany. Foreign workers have a good chance of taking up jobs in particularly sought-after professions. Posting skilled workers to work across the Oder can be a very attractive solution. The settlement of working time, changes in minimum wage regulations are just some of the challenges […]

Posting of workers. Shortage of professional drivers on the labor market.

Trade relations between Poland and Germany have become a strategic point in international trade. These transactions include not only the exchange of goods, but also the flow of the services. In the recent years, the shortage of workers has also affected the transport industry in Germany. Posting employees to work across the Oder River is […]

Online stores in Germany must ensure that customers can order goods as a Guest.

Participants at this year’s Conference of German Data Protection Authorities passed a resolution that consumers should not be required to create a customer account when shopping online. According to the data protection regulations, customers should always be free to decide whether or not they want to provide their personal data. The practice of “forcing” them […]

Changes from 01.08.2022. Online companies’ establishment in Germany comes into force.

On August 1, 2022 legislation came into effect that allows companies to be incorporated online in Germany. This was made possible by the law implementing the Digitization Directive (2019/1151/EU) („DiRUG”). This is another step toward the digitization of courts and offices, but also the implementa-tion of digital legal services. From the 1st of August, digitally […]

Attorney Adriana Grau co-authored a guide for entrepreneurs entitled: “Debt collection on the German market and in cross-border trade”.

Attorney Adriana Grau, founder and partner of Grau Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB, has decided to share her knowledge and experience of debt collection in Germany and cross-border trade by participating in the creation the guide addressed to Polish entrepreneurs encroaching on German market. The monitoring and collection of receivables is nowadays essential if an entrepreneur wants to […]

Intellectual property law on trade fairs

GRAU Rechtsanwälte LPP has a long experience in legal counseling on the international trade fairs. The law office decided to share its knowledge and experience and published an informative brochure on the topic: “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW ON TRADE FAIRS” which is directed at polish exhibitors on trade fairs in Germany. „Intellectual property law on trade […]