Attorney Adriana Grau co-authored a guide for entrepreneurs entitled: “Debt collection on the German market and in cross-border trade”.

Attorney Adriana Grau, founder and partner of Grau Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB, has decided to share her knowledge and experience of debt collection in Germany and cross-border trade by participating in the creation the guide addressed to Polish entrepreneurs encroaching on German market.

The monitoring and collection of receivables is nowadays essential if an entrepreneur wants to ensure the correct circulation of funds in the company. Although the number of outstanding receivables is increasing every year, the awareness of entrepreneurs regarding the possibilities of debt collection proceedings is still insufficient.

Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the legal risks involved in doing business with a foreign entrepreneur or operating in another country. The lack of a response from an entrepreneur to a customer’s breach of payment discipline may, in the long run, expose the company to payment bottlenecks and, consequently, to serious liquidity problems. The aim of the guide is to provide the most important information in the field of debt collection.

At Grau Rechtsanwälte, we combine legal knowledge with the systematics of mass debt collection, which allows us to achieve the best results for our clients. Our knowledge of the market and the operators in the sector allows us to strengthen our effectiveness and efficiency while reducing costs. We place particular emphasis on cross-border debt recovery and problems related to international business.

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