Adriana Grau, LL.M. (attorney at law) a co-author of the guide “Intellectual property law in Germany”

In cooperation with the Department of Trade and Investments of the Polish Embassy in Berlin Mrs. Adriana Grau, LL.M. and Mr. Konrad Rominkiewicz created a guide in the Polish language for entrepreneurs regarding the topic of “Intellectual property law in Germany”

Running a business in times of globalization and continuous technological changes is connected with a necessity for companies to manage their intellectual properties appropriately. Intellectual property rights are regional in nature and enforceability is governed by the laws of each jurisdiction. It means that for many internationally active businesses protection of their intellectual property in a single country is not sufficient.

In the following guide you will find not only essential information regarding the German and European Patent, Utility Model, Design Patent and Trademark Law, but also practical tips on the patent application, scope of the protection and rights that come with it.

Moreover, this publication includes numerous pieces of advice for entrepreneurs concerning legal protection of their products regarding participation in trade fairs in Germany as well as during the exhibitions.

We hope that the following publication will arouse your interest and will be useful in your international business activities.


“Intellectual property law in Germany“ (PDF) (in polish)

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