Posting of workers. Shortage of professional drivers on the labor market.

Trade relations between Poland and Germany have become a strategic point in international trade. These transactions include not only the exchange of goods, but also the flow of the services.

In the recent years, the shortage of workers has also affected the transport industry in Germany. Posting employees to work across the Oder River is desirable and can be a very attractive solution that Polish transport companies willingly use.  

The settlement of drivers’ working time, changes in minimum wage regulations are just some of the challenges Another of them is the post-pandemic mobility of workers within the EU labour market, when the growing mobility is accompanied by increasingly precise legal requirements arising from EU regulations.

It is worth remembering that the recognition of employees as posted drivers occurs, as a rule, when they perform:

  • cabotage – the driver temporarily performs cargo transport in an EU country other than the country where the company’s headquarters is located
  • cross-trade – the driver performs transportation between two EU countries or between an EU country and a third country, and his employer is not based in either of these countries.

As a reminder, when it comes to posting workers within the EU or EEA, it is worthwhile to seek for a professional advice from German lawyer that will draw your attention to the applicable regulations.  We monitor and keep you informed about changes on the German labor market. We guide you safely through the entire process of hiring employees from both EU and – especially in the current political climate – non-EU countries. 

We support you in these tasks on a daily basis.

Labour law – our scope of services:

– Advice on posting employees to Germany
– Consultancy on setting up temporary employment agencies and applying for permits in accordance with the German law on the employment of temporary workers
– Consultancy on minimum wage regulations
– Representation in and out of court in disputes under labor law

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