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Today goods and services are distributed less and less through direct sales or through the individual subsidiaries; companies are orienting towards distribution systems and cooperation with sales representatives, authorized dealers and franchisors. Deciding which distribution form a company takes in the market is pivotal. Whether or not you distribute your goods and services through sales representatives, authorized dealers or franchise it to the customer, is decisive for the success of your company.

The sales agents are charged to transact business for other entrepreneurs or to close deals on their behalf. The agent works on behalf of and on account of a third party. In contrast, an Authorized Dealer assumes the distribution of the goods in its own name and on its own account. Equally, a Franchisor would sale under his name and on his on account. The licensing element is distinctive to the franchise contract, for which the Franchisor pays a license fee for usage of the so called “Franchise Package“, which is comprised of trademarks, company names and know-how.

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