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Leistungen - Forderungsmanagement - Unternehmen mit Sitz im Ausland

Debt collection management for companies
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The management of claims against German debtors takes place ideally locally, i.e. jurisdictionally in Germany. Should you have claims against a German based company and/or a private person, it is most effective and consequently most economic to retain the counsel of a specialized local German lawyer for debt collection. Only solid knowledge of the German market and of the German legal system ensures effective debt collection.

Our approach to debt collection management is as follows: We verify the solvency of the debtor, as well as the legitimacy of the claim. We will then request the debtor, in writing and verbally, to settle the claim.

Should the debtor be unable to immediately pay the full amount of the claim, after consultation with you, we will offer the debtor a payment plan and monitor the receipt and punctuality of the payments.

Should the extrajudicial debt collection be unsuccessful and the debtor shall not have expressly rejected the claim, we will execute litigation of debt collection proceedings for you.

Should however the debtor have filed an objection within the framework of the legal default action, we will execute contentious proceedings throughout Germany.

Should an enforceable title claim have been obtained against the debtor, either by you or through us, we will implement enforcement measures and monitor these until your claim has been fully settled.

We offer you total costs transparency, as well as immediate and effective enforcement of your rights.

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